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“Love life, pay attention to health, technology-based, and create the future”

leader's speech

leader's speech

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First of all, I would like to thank the industry leaders for their attention and care, and thank the customers for their trust and support to the company over the years.
After several years of hard work, Southeast Sea Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. has already stood up like Jinsong, and there is another loud name in the pharmaceutical industry - the South East Sea.
Jiangxi Southeast Sea Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. takes "scientific, realistic, efficient, innovative" corporate culture; "integrity-based, customer-oriented" business philosophy; "hot, thoughtful, fast, trustworthy" service attitude, adhering to the "respect for the elderly The traditional virtues of respecting the elderly, loving the elderly and helping the elderly have enabled the people of the whole country to truly live a purely ecologically well-off life of “go away from illness, use conscience medicine, safe medicine, and health medicine” at the lowest price. Made positive contributions to China's pharmaceutical economic development and human health!
Our slogan is: Jiangnan people, care for you, me, him; love to care for life, sincerely treat others, enthusiasm to convey health, patient propaganda work, self-confidence to overcome themselves, grateful to return to society. "Drinking water and thinking, drinking water does not forget to dig wells" When the 5.12 Wenchuan earthquake that shocked China and foreign countries spread throughout the land of China, it is well known that good deeds, good deeds, and poverty alleviation have always been the traditional virtues of our Chinese nation. From the "porridge" of the Han Dynasty to the "Yi Cang" of the Qing Dynasty, from the "Tongshan Association" of the Ming Dynasty to the "Anji Hall" of the Qing Dynasty, all of them shine with the light of human kindness. One party has difficulties, and all parties support it. The staff of the “Southeast China Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. and the Wolf and Pharmaceuticals” donated their love, donated money and materials, and donated a total of RMB 80,000. We firmly believe that there is a place where love can shine in the sun, there is a spring of love everywhere, do my best to support the weak, help some people who need help, the light of fire can also light the dawn of darkness, helping people to be happy. Ben, so, I am helping me soon!
After so many years of experience, in fact, sometimes our real opponents are not others, that is, ourselves. What we need to improve is our own quality. What we need is to transcend this ordinary body. What we need is to overcome the fear of the heart, not because of the moment. Lose, give up the struggle, let alone give up the ideal because of the temporary failure, let us open the heart window, feel the warmth of the sun together, let us take the step, go along with the call of dreams, higher and farther glory.
Chairman: Liu Zhicheng