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“Love life, pay attention to health, technology-based, and create the future”

company culture

company culture

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Corporate motto: Heiner Rivers - How big is your heart; How big is your career
Corporate philosophy: people-oriented, winning by quality
Management philosophy: the combination of humanization and institutionalization
Business purposes: to create the best quality health food for human beings
The concept of selecting talents: both ability and political integrity - the virtues are talented and reusable; the virtues are talented and cultivated; the talents are not limited to use;
Working environment: nervous and orderly, busy and not chaotic
Work attitude: If you have wisdom, please bring out wisdom; if you don't have wisdom, please sweat; if you don't have wisdom and don't want to sweat, then please leave
Communication concept: respect each other, appreciate each other, and tolerate each other
Distribution concept: do everything you can, pay for work
Service concept: exchange your satisfaction with my most sincere smile and the best service.
Benefit concept: Do more with less - in the shortest time, spend the least money, do the most things
Product concept: product is character, quality is life
Price concept: respect the cost of consumers
Sales concept: establish a good communication channel with consumers; build a bridge of heart